From positioning your brand, administering surveys and focus groups to solving specific employee or customer engagement issues and helping you improve your processes and procedures for greater performance, we offer a broad range of specialized services to help your business succeed.

Brand Positioning and Strategic Planning

Great brands are viewed by customers as unique and superior to their competitors. Our services help assure that your brand is effectively differentiated from your competitors and that your strategy supports your brand position.

Process and Performance Improvement

Your service processes and procedures should reflect your brand promise and be efficient and ‘pain-free’ for customers. We identify gaps in your processes and procedures and help design changes to make them more efficient and customer friendly.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping, where our consultants act as ‘customers’, is an extremely useful tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses in the experience you provide for your actual customers. Whether it’s poor product performance, uncaring, rude employees or inefficient, inconvenient processes, these types of opportunities can be easily identified by having our experienced consultants ‘mystery shop’ the experience you provide to your customers.

Implementation and Training

The best strategies and tactics will not be effective unless they are successfully implemented and your employees are trained in how to execute them. Our consultants have years of experience in guiding implementation of needed changes and training employees in how to execute the changes.

Culture Transformation

Do you and your employees have a unified vision and understanding of your company’s purpose, as well as your business and customer service strategies? If in doubt, we can assess the state of your culture and help transform it to be more unified and focused, allowing for more consistent growth and profits.

Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Satisfied customers are your most loyal and profitable customers. We are experts at measuring satisfaction and engagement. Just as importantly we excel at identifying strong and weak points in the experience you provide to customers as well as helping you build a stronger, more customer focused operation.

Employee Engagement

Increased employee engagement makes a difference in the overall business climate and bottom line. Studies have shown that companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform those with lower engagement. These companies are more profitable, have lower employee turnover and less theft than other companies. Our consultants have years of experience in measuring employee engagement and then recommending and helping implement changes to improve employee engagement.

Survey Administration and Analysis

A survey may be as simple as an overall customer satisfaction sampling to determine satisfaction and attitudes among your customers to assess your “brand health.” Or it may be a more comprehensive survey of your company and your competitors to identify opportunities to gain competitive share. Whatever your survey needs are, we seamlessly handle all aspects from survey and questionnaire design, through data collection to analysis and marketing recommendations.

Focus Group Administration

Sometimes there’s no better way to find out what people really think then to ask them. Our carefully tailored and moderated focus group studies can offer you amazing insight with representatives from your target market or existing customers by giving them the opportunity to express their feelings and opinions about your products and services and your competitors’ products and services – as well as tap their ideas that may lead to new product and service development. We handle all aspects of the focus group from invitation, location selection, moderation to presentation of the data obtained along with recommendations to address areas of improvement.

Speakers Bureau

With more than 50 years of collective experience, our consultants have decades of testimonials of companies that have used our customer service strategies to turn their brands around. Our consultants have made numerous presentations to several different industries and are sought-after speakers for a variety of customer service and employee engagement topics. As a certified speaker for The Ritz Carlton, one of our consultants has specific experience in training outside organizations in the legendary Ritz Carlton service model. From women’s groups, advertising clubs to Chamber of Commerce workshops and corporate retreats, we would be delighted to share our knowledge and passion for improving customer service and employee engagement and tips for strengthening your brand.

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